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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Necklace: 76 Inch Beaded Rope

Necklace: A simple 76 inch strand of earth-tone beads made of stone, wood and bone in multiple shapes and sizes. This necklace includes stones such as howlite, rose quartz, snowflake obsidian, aventurine, un-dyed fossil stone, fancy jasper, and several more.

Earth tones are the colors of earth or soil, brownish-reds and browns. Many different shades are in this piece, ranging from white to mahogany with a splash of green and pale pink.

Price: $28.00 US

Howlite is a white-ish stone with gray matrix that is often in a web-like pattern. It is often dyed turquoise to simulate that stone. It was discovered by Canadian chemist, geologist and mineralogist Henry How in California in 1868.

For further reading: Howlite

Obsidian is formed when lava cools without crystal growth. It is volcanic glass, comprised of so many minerals that it can't be classified as just one. It is sometimes referred to as a mineraloid. The "snowflakes" in snowflake obsidian are caused by the inclusion of white cristobalite, a high-temperature type of quartz, getting trapped in the black glass.

For further reading: Obsidian

Aventurine is a form of quartz, most often green but sometimes orange, brown, yellow, blue, or gray. It is a translucent stone with mineral inclusions that can sometimes cause a shimmering quality. The ones in this piece are green.

For further reading: Aventurine

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