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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pendant: Opal in 14K Yellow Gold Setting with 18 inch Chain

Pendant: Genuine 5x7mm white opal cabochon in 14K yellow gold setting on a delicate 14K yellow gold chain, 18 inches long. A black, white satin-lined gift box is included.

The pictures do not do this stone justice. No camera can accurately capture an opal's iridescent fire.

What is an opal? It is a mineral of hydrated silica. Opals are known for their rich iridescence. It is Australia's national gemstone and one of October's birthstones.

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that opal could bring good luck. It was a commonly held superstition that the stone possessed all the benefits of all gemstones whose color was present in the opal. In Victorian times, gem dealers, with the help of an author they hired, attempted to stop the rush to buy opals by circulating a rumor of the stone's bad luck.

For further information, see this article: Opal.

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